Armadillo - Sherpa / سجادة

By: Armadillo

Color: Maize, Kelp, Graphite, Chalk, Chai, Sand, Pumice, Charcoal

Dimensions: 1.7m | 2.4m,2 m | 3 m, 2.5m | 3.5m, 3m | 4m

Fibre: Wool and Viscose

Sherpa's constant rise and fall both hypnotizes and relaxes the senses. Its gentle sheen, handwoven from a rich wool blend, may change the entire tone of an environment. The rug's adaptability and timelessness are exhibited in a cascade of colors ranging from vibrant to understated.

Delivery time: If the rug is in stock, it can be delivered from our Dubai warehouse in 7-10 working days. If an item is out of stock, please order or inquire via email at

Rug samples are available to borrow in-store.

Care Instructions: Vacuum your rugs regularly, as shedding of loose fibers will occur with a new rug( do not use a rotating or brush head on the vacuum cleaner). Promptly clean spills by blotting them with a clean, undyed cloth. Do not dry-clean or use harsh chemicals that could damage or fade your rugs. Never fold your rug for storage or keep it in an airtight bag. Avoid direct or continuous exposure to sunlight, and rotate your rug to promote even wear. Professional cleaning is recommended on occasion to ensure the long life of your rug.

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