Grounded - Bungalow Butter / سجادة

By: Grounded

Colors: Natural

Dimensions: 2.4m x 3.2m

Fibre: Wool and Cotton

Sometimes when styling within the home all that is needed is a quality all- natural fibre in a stunning soft block colour so that your furniture can take centre stage upon a luxurious rug.

Grounded has created such a beautiful foundation with the delicious “Bangalow Butter”.

Made out of 80% natural wool and 20% cotton backing, this handloom luxury pile height design is a subtle and elegant addition to any lounge or bedroom scenario. When using block colours to design rugs such as these we often find this opens up the creative process within the home for not only furniture but variations of complimentary art and textiles such as cushions and throws.

The Bangalow Butter is an all-natural luxury rug whose inspiration derives from classic indulgence for within your home.

Delivery time: If in stock, the rug is available for delivery from our Dubai warehouse in 7-10 working days. If out of stock, please order/enquire via email

Samples of the rugs are available to borrow in store. 


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