TRIBE Collection - Casablanca Rug, Bronze 2 x 3m / سجادة

Color: Grey and Bronze

  • Size: 2m X 3m
  • Fabric: Cotton

  • Delivery time: If it shows as in stock the rug is available for immediate delivery from our Dubai warehouse. Will take 7-12 working days to arrive. 

    Weave rugs are made using mainly natural fibres, chosen for their beauty and longevity. Our rugs are made from wool, cotton, viscose and jute.

    We want every Weave rug to last for many years, looking as good as when you first bought it. This is why every one of our rugs has cotton backing and braided edge on the underside to provide strength and stability, and keep the rug square.

    Samples of the rugs are available to borrow in store. 

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