Marcello 100% Recycled Plastic Indoor / Outdoor Rugs

Tonnes of plastics go into the oceans and landfill every year, accumulating and polluting the environment. Our rugs have been developed from recycled plastic and mostly use solar energy panels to power our weaving looms. The beauty and quality of our Collection are for indoor and outdoor usage making them both durable and versatile and very easy to clean. These rugs are perfect for projects and custom sizes and colors can be made for large spaces and majlis. This Collection can be made in quantity and requested colors and finishes for projects.

Materials: 100%Recycled Plastic                                                                                           

Dimension: Width 200 cm x Length  300 cm                                                                                          

Usage: INDOOR use or OUTDOOR

Cleaning: For liquid spills use a soft cloth to absorb. Use water immediately to flush any stains. The entire rug can be washed with mild soap and warm water.

For comprehensive care and instructions to help you maintain your rug and carpet in excellent condition, email us 

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